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Partnership with Simetrio.agency brings value to businesses by providing strategic marketing solutions that help businesses achieve their goals. Let’s take a look at a case study:

Client Profile:

Alex is a 23-year-old entrepreneur with a passion for sports and business development. He has experience in the construction industry and wants to take his father’s business to the next level.



When Alex approached Simetrio.agency, his renovation business had just started and he had no clear business or marketing plan. His company was offline only, had no brand, and no clear understanding of its target audience.


Simetrio.agency performed marketing research, analyzed the most successful solutions in the chosen niche, and identified the target audience. We formulated goals, determined the strategy, and recommended a budget.

Simetrio.agency created a memorable domain, developed a recognizable branding, and designed a website on WordPress with a bright and stylish design. They created, tested, and launched advertising campaigns on search engines and social media.

Simetrio.agency implemented a client management system, formed a sales funnel, and designed necessary documents. We also created a customer service system using Podio, prescribed sales and messaging scripts, and automated communications and business processes.


After just two month of collaboration, the company increased its monthly turnover to 1.5 million Czech crowns, driven by quality leads and a higher average check. The company continued to grow, reaching a monthly turnover of 3 million Czech crowns in the next 12 months.

The partnership with Simetrio.agency allowed Alex to achieve his dreams of owning an expensive car and traveling the world. The success of this project led to collaborations on other joint projects.


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